The Thiruvambady Devaswom is known for the care it takes in the case of the elephants it owns and also those hired by them for festivals. It was in 1966, that the temple got its first elephant. It was a 20 nailed tusker, bought using devotees’ contributions; it was named Govindankutty. At present, the temple owns 6 elephants, 5 tuskers by names SIVASUNDAR, CHANRASEKHARAN, RAMABHADRAN, UNNIKRISHNAN, ARJUN & one she- elephant named LAKSHMI. These elephants were given to the temple as their humble offerings into the Lord by Shri. T. A. Sunder Menon, Shri. K. Gopi Warrier, Shri. R. Jayan, Shri. Narayana Iyer, Shri. K.R.C. Menon and Shri. N.V. Viswanathan respectively.
May 15 every year is observed as the memorial day of our deceased elephant Chandrasekharan. This 10 footer had many rare qualities, which the elephant lovers cherish with great admiration and adoration. Chandrasekharan survived the attack by Thechikkottukavu Ramachandran on 27.01.1999. It was a miraculous coming back ; however the elephant had its last breath in 15.05.2002 Chandrasekharan was the main idol bearer for Thrissur Pooram for 29 years - an enviable record difficult to be broken by any elephant in the near future.
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